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Title: SO--Anyone ever heard of...
Post by: KATH on September 06, 2010, 02:53:22 pm

OMG...picture if ya can if TOWER OF POWER movin' out to AUSTIN, TEXAS...they're AMAZING!!!  Heard 'em last night on for the first time on The PAZMAN's show--Motor City Blues Project on WCSX FM...Sunday Night, 9-midnight.  Always a great show, Paz has been around; you can stream his show as well.  CHECK 'EM OUT:

www.mingofishtrap.com (http://www.mingofishtrap.com)

And I hope this link goes to where I want it to...their music streams live on the site...Google 'em if ya can't get it to open, or just consider the source...(aka, welcome to MY BRAIN. heh.)  WELL WORTH IT!!