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Title: Electronica/Ambient
Post by: Perplexio on September 24, 2010, 02:42:39 pm
These are genres/sub-genres I generally shy away from but there are some exceptions...  There's a decent Aussie singer/songwriter, Gotye, that YourZ introduced me to recently that I quite enjoy.  And former Dream Theater keyboardist, Kevin Moore, has done a few ambient/electronica albums under the moniker "Chroma Key" that I quite enjoy... They're quite different from his material with Dream Theater.  He's also done some ambient heavy metal (2 styles of music that don't generally go together) with progressive metal guitarist, Jim Matheos (of Fates Warning) in his new band, OSI that I also quite enjoy.

If you want to dabble into electronica I do recommend:

Chroma Key - Dead Air for Radios (1999)
Gotye - Like Drawing Blood (2006)

Perhaps YourZ can recommend some more as he's a bit more familiar with this style of music than I am.