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Title: Favorite non-rock staples
Post by: Perplexio on August 02, 2010, 04:46:33 pm
Being the youngest of 6 kids with 12 years seperating me from the next youngest in my family my musical tastes are largely a hodgepodge of the music I was exposed to by my parents and my older siblings.  In addition to the love of classic rock I picked up from my siblings I also grew up with the crooners of the 50s and into the 60s thanks to my parents.  Some of my favorites of that era include:

Bobby Darin - Mack the Knife
Bobby Darin - Beyond the Sea
Bobby Darin - Dream Lover
Bobby Darin - Multiplication (from the movie Come September where Darin met his future wife, Sandra Dee)
Bobby Vinton - Roses Are Red
Brian Hyland - Sealed With a Kiss
Debbie Reynolds - Tammy's In Love (From Tammy & the Bachelor which also featured a rather young Leslie Neilsen)
Bing Crosby - Swingin' On a Star
Frank Sinatra - Strangers In the Night
Perry Como - Hot Diggity

What are some of your favorites?

Title: Re: Favorite non-rock staples
Post by: Packercracker on August 02, 2010, 06:22:41 pm
Gordon Lightfoot.

From the haunting notes of Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, the imagery of Canadian Railway Trilogy, the simply spun love songs like Song for a Winter's Night, Shadows and Never Say Trust Me, the mournful classic break up songs like If You Could Read my Mind, I'm Not Supposed to Care and The Circle is Small, the more upbeat break up songs like Carefree Highway, sad story songs like Circle of Steel and Cherokee Bend, happy songs about enjoying life like Christian Island... I could go on forever.   

If Minstrel of the Dawn is supposed to be autobiographical, he truly underestimated his talent. He's a master craftsman of lyrics, and his songs have a way of sinking in and sticking.  One line that's always struck me is from Circle of Steel, about the alcoholic welfare mother telling her child that his father is in prison:  "Christmas comes and the snow lets up and the sun hits the handle of her heirloom cup. She hides her face in her hands for awhile and says 'look here, child. Your father's pride was his means to provide and he's serving three years for that reason.'"   Who else can take a story like that and make it into a song?

Title: Re: Favorite non-rock staples
Post by: Charlie on August 03, 2010, 07:48:20 am
Lot's of stuff by Nat King Cole and Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass

Bobby Darin - Mack the Knife
Bobby Darin - Beyond the Sea
Perry Como -  Dream a Little Dream of Me
Jack Jones/The Grateful Dead (no, I'm not kidding) - The Race is On

Jones did the original in 1965 and it created quite a fervor because some people were disappointed that a popular lounge crooner of the period would do a rock song.

Becky, this is for you.


Title: Re: Favorite non-rock staples
Post by: Charlie on August 05, 2010, 10:18:53 am
Here's one of my favorite rocking version of a non-rock song.


Title: Re: Favorite non-rock staples
Post by: KATH on August 09, 2010, 10:13:20 pm
...OMG.  There's A TON of 'em!! 

The Way You Look Tonight & It Had To Be You --Frank Sinatra
Unforgettable--Nat King Cole
Ain't Love A Kick In The Head--Dean Martin
Ill Wind--(NOT the original artist...the version I LOVE is by LONNETTE MCKEE from "THE COTTON CLUB" OMPS)
What A Wonderful World--Louis Armstrong
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes--The Platters
God Bless The Child--Billie Holiday
My Man--Barbra Streisand--from FUNNY GIRL (yeah, it's not the original, either.)
Music, Music, Music--Teresa Brewer
Flowers On The Wall--The Statler Brothers
Somethin' Stupid--Frank and Nancy Sinatra
Delilah & What's New, Pussycat?--Tom Jones

And, I love THE WRECK OF THE EDMUND FITZGERALD, too...I remember when that happened--it was HUGE HERE.  1975.   :'(

...just to name a few

Title: Re: Favorite non-rock staples
Post by: KATH on September 06, 2010, 05:55:27 pm
...WOW.  I forgot 'AT LAST' by Etta James.