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Title: Sir Edward Elgar
Post by: Perplexio on November 08, 2010, 01:27:40 pm
I recently read a blog posting about Sir Edward Elgar (http://luminousmuse.wordpress.com/2010/10/21/my-dad-and-elgar/) that gave me pause and prompted me to seek out some of Sir Edward's material at my local library.  Elgar is best known for the graduation staple, Pomp & Circumstance but there's so much more to Elgar than that one piece.  There's a lush beauty and a youthful innocence to his material.  In some ways one might even argue that Sir Edward's innocence is to classical music what Brian Wilson's innocence was/is to pop music.  I've been listening to his Wand of Youth I & II and Nursery Suites.

So far I'm quite enjoying the material and will likely seek out more of Elgar's material in the future.

Title: Re: Sir Edward Elgar
Post by: KATH on November 08, 2010, 10:16:32 pm
**patting myself on the back**

COOL!!  I knew "Pomp & Circumstance" by just the name!!--a thing I used to do all the time--but really can't remember a lot of that stuff now...I've forgotten a LOT.  That was a game--we'd take turns--yell out a name, and you had to figure out what piece of music they were famous for...It was a lot easier with artists like "Joe Walsh", granted...the classical guys were the ones we had to THINK ABOUT! 

Howevah--that piece of music is the ONLY ONE I KNOW by Elgar.  That's what EVERYONE wanted when they came in looking for the "graduation music".  I'm goin' to the library in the morning...I'll see what I can find as well! 

LOL!!  speaking of music, someone just called me "harmony house Kathy" on FB.  A dubious honor, I guess.  heh. 


Title: Re: Sir Edward Elgar
Post by: luminous muse on November 13, 2010, 07:16:25 am
Hey, thanks for the HT!  Some suggestions for further Elgar: Enigma Variations, Cello Concerto, Cockaigne (In London Town), Piano quintet.
Then the Oratorios - Gerontious is the most famous, but they are all good (but very long by contemporary standards.)

I could go on but that's enough for weeks of listening.